Google Search Suggest Adds Ads

In her excellent new Marketing Pilgrim post, Rene LeMerle describes Google latest tactic: “placing sponsored listings everywhere.” Essentially, Google is finding still more ways to monetize their results, and no small bit of white space is going unnoticed. Heck, the ecomony may be in the tank, but thankfully, people are still pointin’ and clickin’! Here’s a bit more of Rene’s post:

Last month reports came out that Google was adding sponsored listings to its finance site with plans to include advertising on Google News in the not too distant future.

Well now Google are testing the placement of AdWords ads in its recently launched Search Suggest, which appeared in August this year after years of testing in Google Labs. Google Suggest is “a search feature that provides real-time suggestions while you search.”

This feels very much related to my post a couple of days ago about net neutrality, and whether or not it makes sense to assume (or if we have any right to expect) that Google – or any business – has anything other than making money in mind.

To Google’s credit, they have significant quality measures in place. PageRank and Quality Score are just two of the tools Google has on place to make sure they’re results are not only relevant, but also meaningful. It will be interesting to see where and when Google is willing to bend its commitment to a terrific user experience in order to extend its reach, thrill its investors, and keep people clicking on all the right stuff. I’d love to hear what you think.

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Google Search Suggest Adds Ads

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